Piano Removals Wigan

Have you ever attempted to move a piano? If so, you’ll know it’s no job for amateurs! Even in the removals industry, piano removals have their own niche. It’s surprising to those without expert knowledge of a piano. People assume that it’s just a simple heavy lifting job, like moving a cabinet. However, a cabinet does not contain the complex mechanisms of a piano. Pianos are surprisingly easy to damage, which is a huge risk during the transportation process.

You can avoid this risk by hiring an appropriately trained removals team. Our firm, Wigan Removals, has handled pianos of all shapes and sizes throughout our decades of serving the local community. We know how to carefully and considerately handle these precious and delicate instruments. Taking risks with a piano can result in costly repairs that you’ll wish you’d have avoided by hiring us.

Maybe you’ve heard of our company. We’re well known as a superior removals solution in the Wigan area. The reason for this is that we can be depended on to provide a consistently high quality service. Our team arrives and they are complete professionals from the start of the job to the very end. They don’t cut corners — they go the extra mile. That’s what differentiates our service from others in the area.

When you move a piano, you don’t just need skills and knowledge — although those things are very important. You don’t just need experience either, although we’d argue that’s a must-have. You also need the right equipment. You need the right vehicle. Sure, you could buy and hire these things and give it a go yourself. But why not just spend a little more and leave it to the experts? It’s a no-brainer!

We didn’t get our excellent local reputation by overcharging people. You can be sure our prices are fair. In fact, most people are surprised by how low they are! Give us a call today for a quote and we’ll happily handle your Wigan piano removals.